The Junkin House
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The Cumberland Valley Preservation Society atSilver Spring, was granted 501(c) 3 status by the Internal allowed CVPS, headed by Dennis Hrzic, to accept charitable donations that are directed to the effort of restoring this house and other historic properties within the Cumberland Valley in Pennsylvania.

Progress is ongoing with negotiations for the organization's ownership and
eventual relocation of the Joseph Junkin, Sr. House to a site approximately
100 yards from it's present location. This will enable the home to be restored and preserved while eliminating deterioration due to it's proximity to a much traveled highway. This relocation will also remove the current safety hazard of entering and existing the property while lending to the efforts of site archeogical investigations, restoration of the gardens and
provide an area for outdoor historic presentation.
Moving the Junkin House approximately 100 yards will reduce deterioration caused by vibration and road dirt from the nearby heavily used highway.
Relocation Planned
Historical Restoration
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