Junkin Tent Marker and Commemoritive Token
On August 21, 2010 there was the Dedication of a Pennsylvania Marker to commemorate the first recorded Communion held on August 23, 1752 in America for the Reformed Presbyterians . Rev. John Cuthpertson, their first missionary from Ireland, chose the "Junkin Tent" as the meeting place due to the centrally located position along the established Allegheny Path, a prehistoric Native American trail which connected the Atlantic seacoast with the Ohio Valley. Today it is known as U.S. Route 11. There were approximately 250 Covenanters who attended this week long gathering.
On August 23,1752 Scottish Covananter Presbyterians held their first recorded Communion in the New World here at Joseph and Elizabeth Junkin”s farm. A scattered Community of 250 worshippers attended this nine-hour outdoor service at the “Junkin Tent”on America’s frontier. Rev John Cuthbertson, their first Reformed Presbyterian missionary in America provided over the gathering, which contributed to the establishment of the denomination.
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Commemoritive Token
Commemoritive Token
These are Commemorative Coins for the August 21, 2010 Dedication of the Pennsylvania State Marker honoring the first Communion held on August 23, 1752. Tokens are $12 for numbered coins and $10 for ones not numbered. Please see order form.

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