Junkin Tent Site
Progress is ongoing with the eventual relocation of the Joseph Junkin, Sr. House to a site approximately 100 yards from it's present location. This will enable the home to be restored and preserved while elimanating the destruction due to it's close proximity to a much traveled highway. Road vibration and pollution can have a devestating effect on the condition and integerity of this historic structure. Locust Point Road and PA Route 11 have already taken their toll on the house. This relocation will also remove the current safety hazard of entering and existing the property while lending to the efforts of site archeogical investigations, restoration of the gardens and provide an area for outdoor historic presentation. The relocation has been carefully studied and the move to a new location will ensure that this precious gem of Cumberland County history will be preserved for generations to come.
The history of thi site is amazing and following the link below will give you an example of this rich history. Please take a look.
Excerpt of Cuthbertson's Diary from the day he arrived in the Americas. (Click picture for larger view)
Junkin Tent Site History
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To see the engineer's drawing of the current site and relocation, please click the map image.
Junkin Tent Site History
Junkin Diary Excerpt