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Cumberland Valley Preservation Society
The Cumberland Valley Preservation Society is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to the preservation, study, teaching, and enjoyment of historical sites and buildings located in central Cumberland County Pennsylvania.
On May 19, 2011, at 9:00 am, the CVPS formally signed the lease agreement for the Junkin House/Property with the owners; Shaffer Trucking/Crete Corporation. This will allow us to make the necessary preparations to secure, restore, and revitalize the building to move it permantly to the new location as depicted in the engineering design. We thank Jack Peetz and the Shaffer Trucking/Crete Corporation for their cooperation and recognition of the historical significance of the Joseph Junkin House.
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Our hallmark is the identification and preservation of buildings and landmarks of historical significance in the Cumberland Valley area.
At Silver Spring
The ongoing restoration of the Joseph Junkin House, as seen in this recent photo, is one of our ongoing projects dedicated to our focus on historical preservation. 
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